Various analysis types for all areas of use

With the different ANALYZE analysis modules (included in the flat rate price) you can analyse your website in all display variants, on the basis of virtual eye tracking and even just designs or mockups.

Analysis types Desktop & Mobile

Desktop analysis

The appearance on the desktop or notebook is crucial for many usage situations.

  • Analysis type „Desktop“ considers the view for most users, including special „Above the fold“ analysis.
  • ANALYZE uses an extensive heuristic database to determine where the optimization potential for more conversions can be found.

Mobile analysis

The optimization for visitors on smartphones is an essential part of the successful conversion optimization.

  • Analysis type „Mobile“ not only considers the smaller screen and different operation, but also the mobile usage situation.
  • As a separate analysis only for mobile websites or together with a desktop analysis.

Optimization of attention distribution

  • Virtual eye tracking predicts page perception
  • Element-based evaluation of the current attention distribution
  • Clear recommendations for an optimized distribution of attention
  • Especially suitable for landing pages and pages with many entrances

Upload and analyze sketches

  • Upload of designs, mockups and wireframes possible
  • Upload dynamic pages (shopping baskets, checkout etc.) as screenshot
  • 90% analysis quality based on screenshots
  • All analysis modules (desktop, mobile, attention) available.