Conversion analyses for landing pages and online shops

ANALYZE creates high-quality analyses - individually for your website, landing page and online shop. To increase the conversion rate and improve user signals.
  • Three different analysis modules (desktop, mobile, attention)
  • Conversion analyses on demand at any time
  • Results within 24 hours - you will receive a message by email
  • Individual for each page of your site
  • Objective, in constant high quality
At a glance: Optimization suggestions with the highest potential for more conversions

Clear optimization suggestions

ANALYZE predicts which changes offer the potential for more conversions.

  • Clear list of all optimization suggestions
  • Prioritisation, taking into account the impact of the change and expected implementation effort.

Intuitive use

  • Highlighting of all areas of your website for which ANALYZE has identified optimization suggestions
  • When selecting a website area: highlighting the associated optimisation potential
  • Clicking on a proposal: Highlighting of the affected website area in the screenshot

Extensive results

Extensive optimization suggestions

  • Detailed analysis of the current implementation
  • Clear recommendation for problem solving
  • With specific implementation examples from practice

Useful functionalities

  • Clear prioritization of optimization suggestions: high, medium, low
  • Direct access to conversion support – for suggestions and implementation queries
  • Rate the suggestion: so that ANALYZE learns and gets even better
  • Status selection for your project management