Additional features

ANALYZE can do even more. Work in a team, distribute tasks, discuss with other team members, send exports - and much more. ANALYZE fits perfectly into your processes and actively helps you to make your websites really better!

Share analysis results

You can share and distribute analysis results quickly and easily:

  • Invite as many users as you like to your account and give them access to analyses.
  • Share link for quick sharing of results

Comprehensive export with all analysis elements

Pages & Versions

Analyze all subpages

  • Any page types can be used: Have the relevant subpages of your website analyzed
  • ANALYZE-Flatrate contains the analysis of all subpages of your website
  • Simply archive pages you (temporarily) no longer need

Continuous optimization

Conversion optimization thrives on regular optimization. ANALYZE makes this very easy for you.

  • Create a new page version for analysis after changes to the page.
  • Detailed history of your conversion analyses through versioning