Full-Service A/B-Testing

NEW: A/B testing in full service. With ANALYZE, Google Optimize and the experience of the ConversionBoosting experts.

Services included

Our team of experts will take care of your A/B testing. Complete.

  • Conception and strategy
  • 1. | Determination of optimization potentials with ANALYZE.
  • 2. | Development of hypotheses based on ANALYZE analysis.
  • Test device
  • 1. | Setup of Google Optimize
  • 2. | Creation of test variants
  • 3. | Quality assurance in all common browsers
  • Monitoring and evaluation
  • 1. | Regular monitoring of tests
  • 2. | Weekly reporting
  • 3. | Test evaluation and documentation
490 EUR / month

including ANALYZE flatrate
+ 199 EUR setup fee

All inclusive. At an easily calculable flat rate. Without long terms. Without hourly billing. Without nasty surprises.

We are happy to advise you
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Prices plus 19% VAT.

How does it work exactly?

Our team of experts will take care of your A/B testing. Complete.

  1. We use ANALYZE to identify optimization potentials on your pages.
  2. From this our experts derive successful test hypotheses .
  3. We create test variants in Google Optimize.
  4. After your approval we start the A/B test for you.
  5. We monitor the running tests.
  6. You will receive regular reports and evaluations.

All inclusive. At an easily calculable all-inclusive price. Without long terms. Without hourly billing. Without nasty surprises. Simply more conversions!

ANALYZE provides the best hypotheses

More facts, less opinions: data-driven input for successful A/B tests

With ANALYZE we recognize which changes to your website or online shop have the highest potential for more conversions.

Without the right test hypotheses, most A/B tests are doomed to failure right from the start. Test hypotheses are often discussed and thought up in a team. The opinions and feelings of the team members determine what is tested. At the end tests stand without clear line - and without prospects of success. We work differently - and more successfully!

In the full-service A/B testing of ConversionBoosting we work differently - and more successfully!

We do it all in full service: we set up the ANALYZE analyses for you, evaluate them, determine the right hypotheses and develop optimal test variants on this basis for expressive A/B testing results and high conversion uplifts.

Team of experts with a lot of experience in A/B testing

Successful A/B testing requires a lot of experience - use our know-how.

A/B-Testing is simple at first glance, but very complex in detail. How long should a test run? When can results be trusted and when are they not yet significant? What do you have to consider when implementing the test variants?

Many questions can often only be answered with the corresponding experience from thousands of A/B tests. The testings tools usually simplify too much. Without sufficient knowledge and a lot of practical experience one runs the risk of following wrong "findings".

Our team of experts has the experience from thousands of A/B tests and knows which approaches and methods lead to success. Use this knowledge for your A/B testing.


A website with a clear goal, some traffic and Google Analytics.

We use Google Optimize for the statistical measurement and evaluation of your A/B tests.

Google Optimize is a powerful and free A/B-Testing tool based on Google Analytics. To use Google Optimize, you only need to add another line to your Google Analytics code. We can help you with the integration.

We will not start a test without your approval. We will always ask you for approval before starting. The same applies to feedback on our test ideas. In order to achieve successful results it is therefore necessary that you (or your team) can be reached and give feedback and approvals in a timely manner.

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