10% more conversions in 2019 guaranteed

ANALYZE works - and we guarantee it. If you use ANALYZE regularly for one year and also implement the optimization suggestions, you will increase your conversion rate by at least 10%. If not, we will refund the costs for ANALYZE.

Warranty conditions

Clear conversion target and reliable measurement

  • You have defined a clear conversion target, measure your conversion rate reliably and can give us access to the tracking.
  • The general conditions of your website (target, traffic mix, etc.) do not change significantly in the course of the year.

You use ANALYZE actively

  • You analyse the page types determined by us with the highest potential min. 1x/month
  • You implement at least 80% of the optimization proposals (or perform suitable A/B tests).
  • You don’t make big changes to the page without having checked and optimized it in advance with ANALYZE.
  • You use Conversion Support to help you optimize your conversion.

Our warranty service

  • If after nine months you have not already reached the target of 10% higher conversion rate, please inform our Conversion Support so that we can support you intensively.
  • If you do not have at least 10% more conversion rate on average 12 months after the kickoff, we will either refund the paid annual fee or extend your ANALYZE access free of charge until you have reached the increase (but at least another 12 months).