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ANALYZE uncovers your optimization potential and provides concrete tips to help increase conversion rates on any kind of website (for landing pages, online shops and everything else).

Conversion analysis as a Service

ANALYZE identifies your optimization potential and delivers tangible tips to help increase conversions across the board.

Within 24 hours, ANALYZE pinpoints the most important conversion-boosting changes you can make to improve your website.

You’ll get a detailed list of recommendations with the highest potential – including examples on how to implement them.

How does ANALYZE work?

High-quality, objective evaluation – designed to fit your individual needs

ANALYZE analysis your page based on a vast heuristics database to determine exactly where there is potential for higher conversions.

Additionally, ANALYZE crawls metadata like traffic sources, conversion targets, and more, using its findings to add improve the optimization recommendations.

So you can benefit from data-driven conversion optimization - no matter how many visitors you currently have and without getting into any complicated A/B testing.

ANALYZE works on landing pages and online shops, as well as all other websites.

Conversion Analysis for Desktop & Mobile

Different modules for desktop and mobile devices

ANALYZE uses distinct modules for desktop and mobile websites that are adapted to the respective device, user behavior and visitor usage situation.

ANALYZE can also examine designs or mockups that have yet to go live. That way, you can start with an optimized website on day one and avoid making changes later - while saving time and money, too.

Attention Analysis for Landing Pages

Guide your user with virtual eye-tracking.

Attention Analysis helps you identify the first thing people see when they visit your site.

And with the results, you can make changes that direct user attention where you want it to go. So your audiences can understand what it is you have on offer – better and faster.

Better results with Wireframing

Optional: Wireframes based on ANALYZE results

With the click of a button, you can request an individual wireframe for each ANALYZE analysis. This will be customized for you within 48 hours and shows a possible implementations of the analysis results for your website.

Conversion Support Included

ConversionBoosting offers professional support on all questions regarding conversion optimization

As an ANALYZE user, you have access to the ConversionBoosting team of experts. Simply log on to the ANALYZE interface and begin chatting for support at any time and for all questions regarding conversion optimization on your website.

Full Service A/B Testing on Demand

Our team of experts is happy to will take care of any A/B testing needs, from start to finish.

After ANALYZE identifies your website’s optimization potential, our team is able to work out a set of promising test hypotheses and use Google Optimize to create variants.

After your approval, we begin the A/B test on your behalf. As we monitor the ongoing tests, you’ll receive regular progress reports and evaluations.

ANALYZE provides tangible tips for higher conversions.

Grounded in thousands of validated heuristics, ANALYZE can show you the true optimization potential of your websites.

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